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The Music Connection, an instrumental music program for special needs families, is currently interviewing and placing students in this innovative program

Potential candidates, ages 6 and older with neurological, developmental and/ or physical handicaps, will be interviewed and evaluated for admission to study violin, viola, trumpet, piano, clarinet or snare drum on an individual family or small group basis.

Students must have a Music Partner who will attend all lessons and practice with them.

The Music Connection will be held at our NJWA studios. Please call Dr. Ted Schlosberg at 908-789-9696 for a brochure or more information.

Florian Schantz and the NJ Workshop for the Arts To Reestablish Fund for Special Needs Children
In 2008, through a very generous grant from the Westfield Foundation, the NJ Workshop for the Arts was able to establish a program called The Music Connection to offer tuition free music lessons to children with special needs. This unique program gave those children their first chance at learning music, an activity to enrich their lives for a lifetime.
In 2009, a six year old boy named Florian Schantz came to participate in this program and selected the trumpet. That same boy is now twelve years old playing the trumpet professionally all over the greater NYC area. His hard work and determination are proof of what children with learning disabilities can achieve.  
Through the years, many other children have benefited from The Music Connection. However with incidences of autism and other learning disabilities on the rise at an alarming rate in NJ, demand from students outstripped the ability to maintain the fund and the NJ Workshop for the Arts was forced to discontinue offering free instruction.
Recently, Florian decided that other special needs children should get the same first chance that he had. He has decided to play a series of benefit concerts to reestablish this fund himself. However, high caliber private musical instruction is time intensive and costly. Additional donations will be needed in order to make the fund substantial enough to support the growing demand for special needs children and to make the program sustainable.
The first concert will be held at the Crossroads in Garwood on 21 December at 4:30 PM. Admission including dinner is $65. Tickets are available by calling NJWA at 908-789-9696. If you are unable to attend please consider making a donation to assist Florian in reviving the Music Connection Fund or consider a donation to cover the expenses of staging the event. Your tax-deductible donation to the NJ Workshop for the Arts, a 501 (c) 3  non-profit organization, will help us help Florian achieve his goal of helping children with learning disabilities for many years to come.

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