Alexander Technique

Dr. Zadok Ruben

Zadok-DavisThe Alexander Technique (A-T) is an experiential learning method for improving integrative mind-body awareness in movement as applied in performing with musical instruments or singing. A-T lessons are also helpful in recuperating from highly demanding practicing rehearsals and performances, and in the prevention or reduction of pain, restrictions or injuries which may be experienced by musicians (e.g., of muscles, joints, neck, shoulders, arms, elbow, wrists, fingers, back, legs, knees, feet, vocal organs, breathing, chest, embouchure-related, and those related to fatigue, anxiety or stage fright).

Dr. Zadok Ruben is a highly experienced and effective in helping musicians in their growth and self fulfillment by teaching them the Alexander Technique (A-T).

He is a certified teacher by ATI (A-T International) and ISTAT (Israel Society of Teachers of the A-T). He trained at the Philadelphia School for the A-T with Martha Hansen-Fertman, Ed. D., and has additionally studied in Israel, NYC, New Jersey, Cambridge (MA) and Sweet Briar (VA), and prior to training with Goddard Binkley and others. He teaches in the US and Israel. His practice includes lessons to US veterans (Integrative Medicine, V.A. Hospital, East Orange, NJ).

He is a faculty teacher at the Philadelphia School for the A-T, gives lectures/workshops at teacher training courses and other A-T programs, medical centers, and other venues worldwide. In addition, he is a consultant/contributor (anatomy) on a book “Authentic voice and the A-T“, in preparation by Professor Kathryn Armor.

Dr. Ruben came to the A-T with an extensive background in medicine and the sciences: B.S. (zoology), D.V.M., and M.S. (veterinary pathology) from Iowa State University, A.M. (experimental pathology) from Harvard University and a Ph.D. (pathobiology) from the University of Connecticut. A certified veterinary anatomical pathologist (ACVP) and general toxicologist (ABT), he is an R&D consultant in pharmaceuticals and other medicines for human diseases (

He has significantly recovered from lower back injuries without surgical intervention and is interested in the nature of integrative-cognitive awareness in movement in man and animals.Dr. Ruben is committed to providing and incorporating the benefits of the A-T in meeting the needs of musicians. He understands the importance of an integrative collaboration with music teachers and other professionals who nurture the growth and self fulfillment in the performance of music.