Chatham Fencing Summer Camp

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This camp will now also run from August 27th through August 30th. It offers fencing classes and bouting in epeé, sabre, and foil from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Students will be trained in the skills of footwork and blades. They will also be introduced to refereeing along with the use and set up of electronic scoring equipment.

The camp is led by the Fencing Varsity Coaches at Chatham High School, and assisted by High School Varsity Fencers. This class is for non-competitive beginners. No prior experience is needed.

Fencing is a combative sport and hitting in proper context is required. This camp will follow the fencing rules of the USFA and NJSIAA.

The camp is open for students entering fifth grade through twelfth grade.

Tuition: $380 per student including equipment

Classes take place in the Lower Gym of Chatham Middle School 480 Main St, Chatham, NJ

Click here for the Chatham Fencing Summer Camp Registration Form

Contact for more information.

*10 student minimum to run class*