Alphorn Workshop

The International/American Alphorn Workshop, founded by Theodore K. Schlosberg, Ed.D. is a training center for all levels of alphorn players from beginning to advanced with specially selected music for solo and ensemble. A developmental plan for each student is designed based on assessment of the student’s abilities. Students can study privately or in group sessions. Instruments are available for rental or purchase on a first come first served basis. Ensembles from two to twelve players perform in public when they become proficient.

Group lessons: TBA
Location:150-152 East Broad Street, Westfield.
Tuition: TBA
Private Lessons: Arrangements can also be made for private lessons in a 30, 45 or 60 minute format.

For more information on the Alphorn Workshop, please phone Dr. Ted Schlosberg at 908-789-9696.

Photographs and/or videos of participants in this program may be used in various forms of publicly released media such as websites, social media platforms, advertisements, brochures, posters, etc. Parents/guardians of participants must notify the NJWA in writing if they do not consent to these uses of photos/videos of their child(ren).