Community Outreach

Types of outreach

Public Performance

NJWA has been providing high quality and inspiring performances on a regular basis in the Westfield area for 50 years, occasionally extending beyond the county, state, and even country.


NJ Workshop for the Arts has a long history of providing scholarships to deserving students and professionals. Separate from financial aid – the scholarships are given to reduce or fully subsidize tuition for private music lessons, ensembles, and classes as well occasionally instrument purchases and rentals. The recipients of these scholarships are chosen for their demonstration of musical aptitude and an attitude of service.

The selection of scholarship recipients is often delegated to a second institution that has direct and continuous contact with candidates. Multiple memorial and achievement based scholarships are provided to be distributed by community institutions where stakeholders select candidates for 100% subsidized private lessons upon their first-hand interactions with developing musicians. For example the Sally Judd Scholarship has been in effect for decades and has been granted to hundreds of young promising musicians at critical stages in their development. Over the past few years we’ve granted an every growing number of such awards as they continue to demonstrate their effects upon the lives of the recipients.

In house awards have also been given to volunteers, professional musicians, our teachers, and exemplary students.

In general scholarships are not directly applied for they are awarded based upon past performance in terms of musical aptitude, interest, and service levels. Our relationships with outside institutions help to ensure that we are reaching those who would otherwise be much less likely to experience the benefit of our programming.

Financial Aid

We want everyone in the community that has the love and dedication to study music to be able to follow their passion despite financial hardship. We allocate financial aid resources to all of the following in order so long as they can properly demonstrate need :

  • Current students who undergo a financial hardship.
  • Potential students who may not otherwise be able to afford our programming.
  • Institutions aligned with our goals who do not have the resources to fully fund our programming but who represent a group of individuals that have a love and dedication to the study of music.

While we do receive funds in the form of grants and donations to support our financial aid program most of the cost is paid directly from our regular budget. We strive to help as many as possible given our current capacity. If you’d like to support these programs at NJWA please feel free to donate today or contact our fundraising team.

If you are a current student or potential student interested in applying for financial aid please use the short form on our financial aid page to get started.

Educational Subsidies for the Disabled

Our Music Connection program is a program intended to bring selected disabled students who are close to ready for private musical instruction to full readiness. We believe in the program enough that we provide the the necessary preparation at a 100% subsidy and continued participation at a 25% subsidy. For more details see our Music Connection Information.

No Fee Community Workshops

Have you ever been to an instrumental petting zoo? NJWA has been providing opportunities for folks to try an array of instruments for decades at fairs and community events.

Have you been or do you know anyone in a nursing home, assisted living, specialized care (Cerebral Palsy League), or veterans home? NJWA has regularly brought the music folks in places that couldn’t come to us. Many of these experiences are educational and interactive performances

Perhaps you’ve fortunate to have been to a Punk Rock Seminar or a free inside look at a music production workshop? Maybe you’ve seen an Alphorn ensemble at an arts event or while doing your holiday shopping?

The fact is that NJ Workshop for the Arts has been enriching the area and reaching out to the most disadvantaged members of our community since 1972! We want everyone to experience the joy and meaning of music in their lives.

School Collaborations

Founder Dr. Ted Schlosberg came from a background of teaching in the Westfield and Plainfield public school systems. Since the beginning of the NJWA we’ve been partners with our local schools both public and private. Whether it be something as basic as providing sheet music for a new teacher or program or providing the full suite of education services for a private school the NJWA is always willing and ready to assist in the school system. For more specific information on please see our Extension Programs page.