Art History Classes

NJWA is excited to announce a season of Hands-On Art History classes! Starting March 2023 brought to you by Heidi Robertson.

A hands-on, fun workshop for kids where we will explore different artsistic movements in history! Everyone will get to make their own pieces of artwork as we learn from Picasso, Frida, Pollock and more. Learning about art helps kids to fan the flame of their own creativity, explore healthy outlets for emotions, and find joy in life.

Saturdays in March from 3-4pm

Recommended for kids ages 5-12

March 4: Impressionism + Post Impressionism

Learn from artists like Van Gogh to use color, brushstrokes, light, and shape to evoke a certain mood instead of painting something to look realistic. 

March 11: Cubism

Learn from Picasso how to see things in a completely new way! We’ll view something from many angles and put it together in a new abstract configuration.

March 18: Surrealism

Artists like Salvador Dalí will show us the way to tap into our subconscious and enter the dream world for inspiration!

March 25: Abstract Expressionism 

Learn from artists like Jackson Pollock to fully inhabit our bodies for spontaneous creation and improvisation.