Wednesday Morning Strings

During Wednesday Morning Strings, experienced adult musicians, who play the violin, viola, cello and string bass, will have the opportunity to play a repertoire that includes classical, Broadway, jazz, country, folk and contemporary music, and often perform at local venues.

Musicians bring their own instruments or may rent one from the studio.

According to director Dr. Ted Schlosberg, “This ensemble will provide a wonderful opportunity to get together, make new friends, revitalize musical interests and share talents, while continuing to develop performing techniques.”

Time: Wednesdays, 10:30 am –12:00 noon
Dates: September – Early June
Location: 150-152 East Broad Street, Westfield.

Tuition: $500 – Register here!

Financial Aid / Scholarships.

Scholarships: Write the name of the scholarship in the Scholarship field. For example if you have a professional scholarship write “Professional Scholarship” in the scholarship field.

Aid: NJWA does not want financial hardship to prevent you from being in our ensembles.

• If you have an existing Financial Aid grant that applies to ensembles you can type “existing grant”.

• Financial Aid grants will be given without further application for financial aid for reductions amounting to last years ensemble rates or more (if the rate has changed since last year).

• Financial Aid grants requests lowering charge to less than last years prices will be emailed our Financial Aid application which requires detailed financial information. We are available to assist you filling out this application.

For more information, please phone call 908-789-9696 or email

Photographs and/or videos of participants in this program may be used in various forms of publicly released media such as websites, social media platforms, advertisements, brochures, posters, etc. Parents/guardians of participants must notify the NJWA in writing if they do not consent to these uses of photos/videos of their child(ren).