Punk Seminar

Prepare yourself for night of punk featuring speakers from the American and the British scene. Talks about the history of British punk, and how it would later go on to influence American music will be given by British punk producer, Malcolm Joseph.

This event will take place at the New Jersey Workshop for the Arts, 150-152 E. Broad Street Westfield, NJ, on Sunday, April 28th at 5:30 PM.


The Cockney Reject – 20$

The Cockney Reject is the minimum requested donation and lowest ranking donor level.

The Blitzkrieg Bopper – 50$

The Blitzkrieg Bopper is the second ranking donor level. The Blitzkrieg Bopper includes a free half hour production lesson from Malcolm Joseph, himself. This lesson will take place at the workshop on a different date, and will be open to all holding a certificate verifying that they are a Blitzkrieg Bopper.

Super-Punk Supporter – 100$

The Super-Punk Supporter is the highest ranking donor level. The Super-Punk Supporter includes the option of either a free private hour long recording session with Malcolm Joseph, or a free private production lesson. This will be scheduled with Malcolm after the event takes place.