Kevin Topar

Kevin is the Facilities Manager. He comes in every Thursday to do general repairs and maintenance. Part of his duties include assessing repairs that need to be done and figuring out the best way to keep the Workshop in great condition. Some of his work includes installing the lights on the sign, organizing the repair shop, and repairing air conditioners.

Kaitlyn Killeen

Kaitlyn is a rising Senior Music Education major who has been volunteering at NJWA since mid-May. She directs a Flute Ensemble at NJWA and taught music history for the Virtuoso Chamber Camp. Her duties generally include answering the phone, checking e-mails, and helping assign work to other volunteers. Recently she has been helping with instrument repair.

James Branagan

James will be attending Rutgers in the fall as an engineering major. For the past year, he has been working at NJWA and studying trombone with Dr. Schlosberg. James is a member of the Westfield Youth Group. James helps maintain the workshop and also assists with phone calls and promotions.

Michael Klikushin

Michael studies alphorn at the workshop. He mentors James and Kai during daily tasks and has superb phone etiquette.  He aspires to great things in Westfield’s Marching Band.

Kai Chang

Kai is College Student. For the last 10 years, he has been studying voice and guitar with Glen Brown. Kai was the lead singer of Knuckle Sandwich. While volunteering at NJWA, Kai assists with maintenance and cleaning. He also enjoys promoting various programs that the workshop offers such as the Jazz band and Rock Performance Workshop.  Check out Kai’s thoughts on Music as a core subject in the educational system – Music in Schools

John Holck

John has been studying cello at NJWA for ten years. In mid June, he started working for Dr. Schlosberg to help with the upkeep and organization of materials around the workshop. One of his main responsibilities was pricing and arranging the books on the upstairs bookshelves.

Daniel Ackermans

Daniel started volunteering at NJWA in July. He has been playing oboe and clarinet for about nine years. Since starting, he has updated the database for rentals and rental instruments. While updating the database, he has evaluated and repaired instruments. Along with helping organize and create a database for rentals, he has also updated computers in the workshop to improve productivity.

Ebony Payne

Ebony has been volunteering at NJWA since November 2016. She plays in the jazz band and assists with rehearsals.

Leah Pesenson

Leah is rising Senior to MGSA division of Rutgers University June 2016. She has created web pages for the NJWA website.