Music Production


My name is Malcolm Joseph and I am excited to let you know I am setting up a Music Production Studio and  program at New Jersey Workshop for the Arts! Students who join this program will learn:

- the types of equipment and music programs used for working within a recording and production studio.

- to independently use the program Logic Pro X.

- to demonstrate and explain how to set up a mixing console and learn the workings of the mixing board.

- how to create a template to record live instrumentation, individual musicians and bands.

- the use of virtual instruments within the music/recording program.

- to develop techniques for microphone placement on drums, bass, and guitar.

- how to apply a system to digitally record to the computer via mixing console, while observing recording levels, EQ, compression and other attributes to gain a good sound for recordings.

- how to analyze waveforms and intricate sample editing; distinguish the use of virtual plugins and virtual instruments.

- how to plan ahead and manage a recording session as an engineer/producer.

- how to create their own track, which will be engineered and produced from an original music composition.

- there will also be recording sessions for bands and solo artists.

Watch this space for updates!